Access Control

Smart locks for doors & gates

What is Access Control?

Access control is the automation of an entry, exit, or passageway. This includes monitored and regulated control of a gated access, an entry door, an elevator, or any other type of access. These can be controlled with a number of interfaces such as an egress button, a keypad, a card access reader, a finger scanner, a keyring remote, a smartphone, etc.

How it works

When a guest is present, a home can be automated to provide a user with an audible notification, a smartphone text or email, a TV announcement, or other programmed notification. Additionally, there are a variety of video interfaces that allow two-way communication with a guest before allowing access.

What it works with

Automated locking systems can be integrated into: a deadbolt, a door handle, a magnetic door lock, a sliding gate, a garage door, a swinging gate, etc.


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