Home Automation

Automate Everyday Routines

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the arrangement of a programmed system to control your routine everyday home functions and systems.  The use of an automation system can handle many tasks as programmed, all while simplifying complex processes into a single button press.

What can it do?

Home automation allows a number of interfaces for different tastes.   All functions can be  controlled by an in-wall touchscreen, a smartphone, a laptop or desktop, a traditional handheld remote, or a designated button or switch.

Example of an Automated Home

A single button near an entry or exit to perform a complex command: Alarm Disarm, Evening Lighting Scene, Family TV On and Tuned to ESPN at Volume 7, Window Shades Down, Pool Lights On, Thermostats set to 72F, Send Family Text “I'm Home”.

The automation process will create simplification and efficiency for all users.  The integration of this type of system is meant to make everyday home life more relaxed and enjoyable.

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