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"We moved into our new home with many dreams. High End Home Entertainment made those dreams come true and beyond! They were always professional, with many suggestions and ideas. When we realized our fireplace mantle was not going to work because of it's size, HEHE built a beautiful mantle which fit perfectly. Always friendly and respectful, when it came to making an appointment they were always on-time!

Unlike most companies, High End Home Entertainment would call a few days later to make sure everything was working like we wanted and to make sure we were not experiencing any problems or had any questions. It's hard to find that kind of dedication and professionalism anymore! We highly recommend High End Home Entertainment to all of our friends and family.

Thank you HEHE for making life easier!"

Bill & Debbie P. (Houston TX)

"Our family of five bought a house that was built in 1959 and offered many challenges to installing a home theatre system with speakers in several rooms. We shopped around town and received several different quotes and more importantly got a feel for customer service at the well known high end audio stores in Houston. We never got the feeling that the retail stores we visited viewed our project with the same importance and value that we did. The audio/ video system we planned was going to be a large investment and we wanted to be certain that the installation would be top notch and given the attention and care that we ourselves would put into it if we had the knowledge and ability to do the job. After visiting all of the well known high end audio retailers in town we were discouraged because we felt that our project was "just another job."

Just as we were about to give up hope and start looking at retailers in Austin, I was given High End Home Entertainment’s information with a strong recommendation. I had never heard of HEHE and was weary of going with a lesser known company. The first meeting with HEHE and I knew that my fears were misplaced. HEHE asked me questions about my system that no one at the name retail stores had even thought of. We reviewed the challenges of installing my system in a 50 year old home and mapped out a plan to overcome the obstacles. Every detail of the project was explained to me with such precision that I knew I had finally met the person that cared about the project as much as I did and he understood what a large investment I was making in the project and because of that, he was going to make sure that the installation was done to perfection. The service and attention to detail was so far beyond what I had experienced at the retail stores that I realized that there was no way I could have received the same level of service at any of the high end retail stores I had visited.

Perhaps the most relieving part of my experience was that I never felt I was being sold or pushed to purchase anything. I was given complete explanations of the project and equipment and the decision was mine to make. This was the complete opposite of my other experiences where I couldn't tell if I was being pushed to buy a system that was too much for my house so that the salesperson could make a higher commission.

My dream system was installed and my three girls under the age of 6 enjoy a home theatre experience that we had only fantasized of. I have made small equipment changes to my system and HEHE has advised me exclusively as I would not let another hand touch my audio/ video system at this point. The fantastic work that was done on my project could not have been done by any other individual in Houston and I can say that with confidence as I shopped the stores and spoke with others who were looking to install their dream systems.

If you value your audio equipment and want to make sure you get the most for your money, I highly recommend High End Home Entertainment for all of your audio/video needs.

Glenn D. (Houston TX)

"Recently we built a new home and requested High End Home Entertainment to consult with us about a large wall mount TV, and whole house sound system. High End Home Entertainment studied our blueprints and made a number of recommendations, which fit our requirements. While the house was in the framing stage, HEHE did all the wiring for the TV, computer and whole house sound system. HEHE was careful to coordinate with our electrician and alarm system contractor so that all the wiring for electrical, TV, computer, sound system, and alarm went in without any complications. After the home was completed and move-in was behind us, HEHE came out and performed the install of the TV, computer, and sound system. Everything went in and functioned perfectly! It's all a better system than we have ever previously owned, and the custom install makes it look seamless and unobtrusive. We would like to thank High End Home Entertainment and their staff for their professionalism and patience with us as we are perfectionists. Thanks to all of you for a job well done!"

Aaron & Ann T. (Oklahoma City, OK)

I want to share an experience I had today with what may seem to be a high price to pay for WiFi to work in every square inch of my home and work RIGHT!

So I recently met Zach Taylor at my gym and have became friends with he and his wife. Zach installs home and business audio and networking. I expressed to him my frustrations with my home office equipment working only half the time. Not being able to print wirelessly, not being able to sit on my couch and have strong enough signal (sometimes) to work in the evenings, etc... So I say "hey Zach, buddy.. Can you fix this for me?" He says "hell yeah, I'll take a look and give you a bid"...

He does... his bid was $12,000!!

That's 3 times what I expected at worse case. BUT, I trusted him and he did a hell of a job showing he cares and building rapport.  I gave him the go ahead and he spent all day today with an assistant. He replaced my entire network, rewired the mess that was originally done in my IT closet, replaced all wireless access points, quality controlled his work in great detail and was waiting to show me everything that was done and willing to spend the rest of the evening if he needed to to answer any questions I may have.

To conclude, I couldn't be happier with the results, the service, the details, and the fact that he cares about his customers and takes pride in his work. You see, there is a difference between cost and price. I already paid once to have it working half ass. The $12k was money well spent and I'm freaking Air printing from my cell phone!

People don't mind paying good money for great service.

Terral H. (The Woodlands, TX)